Taiwan’s Hung Rui Chen sandwich chain to launch in Hong Kong

Local and tourist favourite sandwich maker Hung Rui Chen will be opening a flagship store in Hong Kong this August. 

Hung Rui Chen is a 73-year-old brand, known for its signature sandwiches and recognised as a national local delicacy for its soft bread and unique spread.

After an incident of suspected food poisoning from counterfeit operators in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the real Hung Rui Chen company issued a statement on Facebook to clarify that its own brand will open its first official store in Hong Kong. 

The location has yet to be confirmed.

Back in 2015, Hung Rui Chen sandwiches imported from Taiwan and sold in grocery stores and on the Groupon platform led to 46 Hongkongers contracting food poisoning. The brand was subsequently banned by the Centre for Food Safety. 


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