Ikea Home of Tomorrow urban concept unveiled in Poland

Home furnishings giant Ikea has introduced its new environmentally friendly concept store in Szczecin, Poland, dubbed the Ikea Home of Tomorrow.

The new store concept was designed for customers who are looking for a zero-waste lifestyle.

Located in a 120 year-old building, Ikea Home of Tomorrow houses a soil-free home garden featuring a wide range of plants, including tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, and even spirulina. Ikea customers can create their own in-door ‘farms’ such as microgarden, aquaponic farm, spirulina farm or aeroponic farm.

Ikea Home of Tomorrow also introduces a metabolic process where waste can be used in many different ways. For example, coffee grounds can be composted and used as fertiliser or to make candles and cosmetics. 

The Creative Zone offers household equipment for reparation and modification which customers can use to give worn-out furniture a second life. Meanwhile, the store features a kitchen called Planning Space where visitors can learn to make vegetarian dishes from ingredients taken from the farm. 

“We wish to encourage the residents of Szczecin to take responsibility for waste,” said Gustaw Jakubowski, Ikea, who was responsible for bringing Ikea Home of Tomorrow to life.

“I believe that only by starting to vote with our wallets for environment-friendly solutions we will create a substantive step towards sustainable life.” 


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