Featured store: Chubby Girl noodle bar, Beijing

Beijing noodle bar Chubby Girl takes cues from the landscape of Southwest China in a unique layout and interior design which caught the attention of architecture and design magazine Dezeen.

The Chubby Girl venue was designed by Office AIO, who used a stepped terrazzo floor, strip lighting and foggy mirrored walls to evoke the urban makeup of Chongqing city, origin of the spicy noodle cuisine served at the restaurant.

The design is informed by the photography of Nadav Kander, Mark Horn and Tim Franco, whose images reflect the industrial density of the municipality.

“We also explored ideas surrounding Chongqing’s physical and cultural characteristics,” said a spokesperson from the studio. “From its unique landscape and climate, to its ‘concrete jungle’ appearance and the inhabitants’ ability to adapt to rapid urbanisation, as well as the more recent development of it becoming one of China’s most vibrant incubators of street art and music.”

The 150sqm venue has been divided into three sections, including an 80sqm dining area punctuated by chunky grey terrazzo plinths inlaid with white aggregate and gently lit from below, set at varying heights to reflect Chongqing’s steep, interrupted terrain. The same terrazzo is also used to form the communal tables surrounded by similar fold-out chairs to those seen in outdoor food stalls.

The Chubby Girl chain originated in Chongqing more than 20 years ago.

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