Featured store: Basic Coffee in Beijing

Interior design company Office AIO used a series of orchestrated “framed views” to create the layout of Basic Coffee in Beijing.

Occupying a 30sqm space inside a historic building in Xianyukou, Basic Coffee features minimalist design with pastel colours.

A long curved seating area surrounds the coffee-making area, creating a tiny alley from the entrance. Part of the seating area is concealed by a suspended perforated aluminium screen.

The barista area is located between the entry alley and a large window facing the street in order to easily serve both dine-in and takeaway customers.

“These elements yield an experience that allows the patrons to experience the space through observing a series of orchestrated movements, experience coffee-drinking through focusing their senses on sounds, olfaction and flavours,” the company says.

Basic Coffee offers mainly artisan coffee beverages. 


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