Harmay teams with Chinese designer Masha Ma

Chinese fashion retailer Harmay has entered into a collaboration with local designer Masha Ma.

The new collection – a move to continue the expansion of the brand despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic – comprises T-shirts, pants and bags designed to express and contribute to the “beauty of life”.

“Harmay was born in the golden age of China’s cosmetics and beauty retail industry,” said Harmay HK co-founder and GM Jason Ju, “and now we have grown and expanded to become a unique retail brand that pursues beauty and a beautiful life.

“Bringing consumers a high-quality and innovative shopping experience and becoming a new benchmark for retail are goals we have been aiming for.”

The brand has undergone continuous development since 2008, expanding both in terms of physical stores as well as online, where it serves an “experiential shopping journey”. The firm retails its own line of cosmetics and beauty products within China as well as products from international brands. It is an agency for more than 50 global brands and licenses more than 200 brands for distribution.

Harmay operates stores in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing, and plans to launch in Chengdu and another Shanghai location this year.


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