Former Nike innovation chief joins speaker lineup for MarketingPulse 2021

A former senior Nike executive once named by Fast Company magazine as one of the most creative people in business, has been confirmed as a headline speaker at this month’s MarketingPulse 2021 virtual conference in Hong Kong. 

Greg Hoffman, global chief marketing officer at Nike from 2016-2018 before moving into the role of VP of global brand innovation until last year, now leads Modern Arena, a brand advisory group he founded for Fortune 500 brands, startups and non-profit organisations.

Greg Hoffman.

At MarketingPulse 2021, Asia’s premier marketing and branding conference, Hoffman will be drawing on his 27 year career with Nike to explain how innovation drives consumer experiences, envisioning the future of storytelling and the role of tomorrow’s CMOs.  Hoffman was a major strategic and creative influence for Nike at every major global sporting event, overseeing the launches of signature Nike products and innovations, and building the brands of its contracted athletes. 

A major part of Nike’s global marketing success was the strength of its experiential-anchored strategies which helped establish the iconic sportswear brand as one of the world’s pre-eminent storytellers. Hoffman was seen as a leading innovator in digital and physical brand experiences and broadly recognised for his role in the rise of marketing and design through that period. 

Under Hoffman’s leadership, Nike drove themes of equality, sustainability and empowerment through sport. He was a member of the advisory board of the Nike Black Employee Network and as a member of the charitable Nike Foundation’s board.

One of the Nike campaign creatives designed during Hoffman’s tenure.

Live-streaming focus

Another drawcard at MarketingPulse 2021 is Alves Huang, CEO, Qianxun (Hangzhou) Holdings, considered the current leading live-streaming e-commerce company in Mainland China. 

Huang founded Qianxun E-commerce in 2017 and in just four years his team has built the company into the country’s largest e-commerce live-streaming broadcasters. Among Qianxun’s successes was being recognised by Taobao Live as its number one e-commerce live-broadcasting agency, as manager of popular Taobao anchor Weiya Viya, who has more than 130 million fans on Chinese platforms. 

The company has long-term cooperative relations with more than 20,000 domestic and foreign brands and has already trained close to 40 anchors. At MarketingPulse 2021, Huang will explain the reasons why live-streaming e-commerce and short-video marketing is proving so successful in Mainland China.

Putting purpose at the core

Another high-profile speaker at MarketingPulse 2021 is Bryan Meehan, executive chair and CEO at Blue Bottle Coffee.   

A recent arrival to Hong Kong, Blue Bottle is a specialty coffee roaster and retailer headquartered in Oakland, California with cafes throughout the US, Japan and South Korea. 

Besides his passion for coffee, Meehan has always pursued a personal mission to do good for the environment. Both of his previous companies placed a premium on eco-consciousness – Fresh & Wild was one of the first organic food chains in the UK and Nude Skincare was an all-natural cosmetics business. While Blue Bottle maintains meticulous standards for roasting and brewing coffee (its Oakland location has a full lab to train new baristas), it is equally committed to sustainable business practices.

At MarketingPulse 2021, Meehan will explain how to put purpose at the core of a business to connect brand values with today’s consumers, and share his success in marketing a globally renowned lifestyle coffee brand disrupting the industry. 

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