Outfox shoplifters with FoxTag

Retail profitability can be critically impacted through stock loss with inferior or outdated protection systems.

Retailers face continual challenges with increasingly sophisticated shoplifters causing in-store ‘shrinkage’. Methods of theft are more savvy with vast amounts of online information on how to defeat security tags.

Ready access to tools such as illicit pocket-sized tag detachers are plaguing the industry, and old-style tags can be opened in seconds without a sound or disturbance to alert staff. The result is costing retailers billions of dollars worth of stock loss each year.

The good news is the world’s most innovative security tag is now available. The FoxTag is a revolutionary loss prevention system that empowers retailers to take back control. The FoxTag reduces theft by up to 60 per cent when compared to traditional security tags available in the market.

Setting a new benchmark in detachment technology, FoxTag security tags can only be opened by a patented locking mechanism and power-operated auto-mechanical detacher, a unique system that cannot be sourced unlawfully online.

The FoxTag detacher is designed with additional security features to help reduce stock shrinkage and increase store profitability. Retailers using the system can maintain a higher focus on customer service and generating an engaging shopper experience knowing they are supported by market leading security technology.

Businesses around the world are successfully collaborating with FoxTag and helping retailers take security to the next level. In May 2021 FoxTag announced their latest strategic partnership with Pivot Asia.

Pivot Asia is a team of specialists with long experience of success selling to retailers. They deliver One-Touchpoint services to customers entering or expanding in the Asia region via their network of partners and regional sales teams.

The FoxTag products are accessible exclusively through Pivot Asia offering security systems suitable for acousto-magnetic (AM), radio-frequency identification (RF and RFID) technology.

In addition, some of the world’s leading retailers in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand are growing their business with FoxTag including Rebel Australia, Champion and Bob’s Stores.

The implementation is simple and easy. The FoxTag team is proud to bring their expertise to support retailers with the optimum technology solutions that suit their needs and meet their unique requirements.

If your company has a desire to explore new technologies for loss prevention and doesn’t know where to start, the FoxTag and Pivot Asia team can be contacted online at www.thefoxtag.com.

It’s the optimal high-quality, reliable and durable solution to retail stock protection.