Meta, DCH Motors and Vita Green delve into WhatsApp marketing with Omnichat

(Source: Omnichat)

Omnichat, an all-in-one omnichannel messaging platform that provides conversational commerce solutions, recently hosted a highly scalable event, “Future Commerce Summit: From Customer Acquisition to Brand Loyalty”, discovering the immense potential of customer social data in WhatsApp marketing with industry experts from the global social media giant Meta, leading motor service provider and dealer DCH Motors, and reputable health and wellness brand Vita Green. They shared invaluable insights on enhancing customer experience through centralised customer database, automated customer journey, and online-merge-offline WhatsApp strategies.

“WhatsApp Business Platform plays a vital role throughout the entire customer journey, from awareness building, leads and sales driving to re-engagement.” – Meta

Seventy-one per cent of online adults globally say they want to be able to communicate with businesses through messaging, according to Business Messaging Usage Research by Kantar. Layla Xu, partner manager, business messaging platform at Meta, said: “When comparing WhatsApp to other communication channels, the conversion rate has witnessed a significant increase of over 50 per cent, while the average return on ad spend (ROAS) has risen by 60 per cent. In addition, the latest Conversions API transmits Click-to-WhatsApp advertising data to Meta. The effectiveness of the campaign is clear at a glance, assisting merchants in optimising their advertising activities and reducing costs.”

“WhatsApp and Omnichat enable our sales representatives to effortlessly access customer information from the platform to initiate warm and personalised conversations, enhancing the overall customer experience.” – DCH Motors.

DCH Motors has recognised the immense potential of conversational marketing and seamlessly implemented Omnichat’s omnichannel chat commerce solution to provide exceptional and comprehensive services that cater to all motoring needs. From discovery, purchase and post-purchase, the end-to-end WhatsApp customer journey has proven highly effective in acquiring new customers and fostering long-term loyalty in the dynamic commerce landscape. 

Geoffrey Ng, head of marketing of DCH Motors, shared the impressive figures brought by WhatsApp: “WhatsApp broadcast has emerged as an invaluable touchpoint to connect with our customers at various stages of their journey, whether it’s promoting test drive, providing exclusive VIP offers, or sending maintenance reminders. The results have been exceptional, with an 80 per cent open rate. By utilising the chatbot’s interactive features that include selectable options, we can effectively gather customer preferences regarding motors and offer tailored recommendations.” 

YP Chiu, head of IT of DCH Motors, also highlighted the convenience and productivity via WhatsApp. “We seamlessly integrate WhatsApp and Omnichat with our CRM system. Not only can we effortlessly monitor the number of customers handled by each sales representative, but we can also track the number of customers who ultimately visit our showroom after engaging in conversations with these representatives. This will significantly enhance our ability to measure conversions.”

“Vita Green also utilises WhatsApp coupons and games to disseminate marketing offers to different customer segments tactically, attracting customers to make purchases at both physical stores and eshop.” – Vita Green.

Vita Green has regarded WhatsApp Business Platform as an integral communication channel for sales, marketing and customer service purposes. “The implementation of WhatsApp automation has undeniably boosted productivity,” said Terrence Siu, ex-head of IT & group director of Vita Green.

“By setting up Chatbot auto-reply to handle general inquiries, we have processed over 47,000 inquiries in just three months. This automated solution has successfully addressed more than 60 per cent of the inquiries, leading to efficient and effective customer support.” 

With the incorporation of its own membership system, Vita Green can seamlessly collect all digital footprints from customer interactions across the website, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The valuable data enables Vita Green to deliver personalised product recommendations and offer intimate services to its customers, creating meaningful connections and bonds between businesses and customers. 

Omnichat, as a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider of Meta, also introduced its omnichannel data-driven marketing solution “Omnichannel Social Customer Data Platform (Social CDP)” during the event. This cutting-edge solution is designed to drive customer satisfaction and foster brand loyalty. By consolidating customer profiles across different social platforms, businesses can gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of their customers, identify their target customers and engage with them at the most opportune moments through automated journeys via messaging platforms. 

Alan Chan, founder and CEO of Omnichat, said: “Social CDP enables brands to gather and consolidate scattered data from multiple social media channels, ultimately constructing a centralised customer database for better experience and higher conversions.”

Furthermore, the recently introduced WhatsApp flows feature allows customers to fill out and submit forms for various purposes such as making reservations, claiming offers and providing feedback, all directly within WhatsApp, which empowers businesses to enhance their conversions and engagements.

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