Reimagined Paragon Hall ready to deliver world-class events and entertainment

(Source: Siam Paragon)

Siam Paragon has overhauled Paragon Hall exhibition and convention centre under the concept of “Extraordinary Eventainment,” positioning the venue as the centre of world-class events and entertainment in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

Now, Paragon Hall is joining forces with business partners in the Mice and entertainment industry to successfully pack the second half of this year with exclusive events and premier world-class performances. It is fully booked for the remained of this year.

The venue will serve as Thailand’s first carbon-neutral venue, setting a prototype for social and environmental responsibility with a strong focus on sustainability.

Following the extensive remodelling program, Paragon Hall is set to grow revenue by more than 30 per cent over last year. It supports a full range of event types, attracting major international events to the country and establishing Thailand as a centre of entertainment, thereby driving the economy and tourism industry.

Kritsana Janyasakulwong, MD of Siam Alliance Management, a leader in world-class conference and performance centre management, said the success of Paragon Hall over the past 18 years has established its reputation as a premier hub for world-class entertainment and events. 

“It is the only venue in Thailand that is both exceptional and trusted by local and international public and private entities, event organisers, artists, and diverse brands,” said Janyasakulwong. “Since it opened, Paragon Hall has built a strong reputation for Thailand by hosting more than 2000 events, generating more than 20 billion baht in revenue and stimulating the national economy. 

“Paragon Hall consistently delivers experiences that exceed expectations, creating value for visitors and winning the hearts of event organisers with world-class facilities and services. Numerous prestigious awards from leading organisations recognise this excellence.”

World-class event and entertainment experience

Upgraded to better accommodate world-class event formats in the heart of the city, Paragon Hall offers a complete, one-of-a-kind Mice experience and entertainment in one convenient location and boasts unique strengths.

In order to support all functions for organising various events, Paragon Hall features a comprehensive audiovisual system, including adjustable soundproof partitions tailored to different event needs. Tunable white ceiling lights are part of a smart lighting system that allows for adjusting colour temperature and brightness. Additionally, the walls of the hall are adorned with strings of lights that can be adjusted to suit the mood and tone of an event.

Paragon Hall’s location inside Siam Paragon, a world-class landmark in the heart of Bangkok, offers strong potential. The shopping centre is one of the most-visited destinations by visitors to Bangkok from all over the world and it offers shopping, dining options, and attractions that perfectly complement the event and entertainment ecosystem.

“This refurbishment of Paragon Hall will create an even more exciting phenomenon,” said Janyasakulwong. “It supports the creation of major events in a new, larger scale and format. 

“We will co-create with business partners to organise global events and we are committed to bringing all their imaginations to life. Paragon Hall’s goal is to create an ‘Extraordinary Eventainment’ experience, which will attract even more novel experiences and foster sustainable growth for all sectors,” she added.

The newly refurbished Paragon Hall has an area of more than 10,000sqm, covered by a hall larger than 5100sqm, with a flexible construction to facilitate the organisation of events ranging from small gatherings with 50 attendees to large gatherings with up to 10,000. It can host events ranging from international trade shows, conferences and seminars, to talk shows, entertainment festivals, EDM music festivals, fashion events, and e-sport tournaments. 

“Paragon Hall has undergone a complete redesign for a more modern and exquisite aesthetic,” concluded Janyasakulwong. “We aim to offer everyone a luxury experience that cannot be found elsewhere. 

Paragon Hall has been certified to the Asean Mice Venue Standard and Thailand Mice Venue Standard by the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, a certification reflecting the venue’s high standards and readiness across all aspects. Paragon Hall has previously won awards for outstanding event venues and is internationally recognised with an Asian Outstanding Venue Award by the Asian Federation of Exhibition and Convention Associations (AFECA).