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Starbucks in South Korea under fire for free-gift ‘wastage’

A giveaway promotion from Starbucks in South Korea has drawn the ire of critics who allege consumers are buying coffee and dumping it to gain enough points for free goods.

Baeman accused of monopolistic behaviour as merger looms

The pending merger between South Korea’s number one food-delivery app Baemin and Yogiyo has fuelled widespread concerns about monopolistic market behaviour.

E-commerce battleground turns to ‘easy returns’

South Korea’s e-commerce industry, which has long emphasised “fast delivery,” is expanding its services, with competition now turning to offering “easy returns”.

AmorePacific adopts eco-friendly packaging

Amorepacific has chosen to make use of eco-friendly packaging, adopting paper materials instead of bubble wrap.

South Korean cosmetics stores ‘facing a crisis’

South Korean cosmetics stores that have been the drivers of the ‘K-Beauty’ industry for the past 15 years are facing a crisis, exposing their limitations.