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Robert Stockdill

Robert Stockdill

Robert Stockdill is director of content at Inside Retail Asia. A cloud-based writer with a passion for design and digital communications, Robert has written about the retail industry for more than 20 years. He has spent the last eight of those based in Southeast Asia.
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Fossil with a future

Fossil plans to double its store network within the next two years.

eBay app a form of ‘digital shoplifting’

An eBay app will let shoppers photograph a product in a retail store and buy it online instantly. 

Shanghai Tang flagship to close

One of the world’s most stunningly merchandised fashion stores is to be closed after a massive rent hike.

First Masters store opens

Masters is set to challenge far more retailers than just Bunnings.

Smartphones retailers’ next frontier online…

Just when retailers begin to understand the importance of multi-channel retailing, the smartphone looms large.

Topshop Australia finally official

Next Athleisure formally announces Topshop debut.

Mattel axes revered Barbie store

One of the world’s best known concept stores – the 3500sqm Barbie in Shanghai – closed this week. 

China’s middle class tsunami

Every day more Chinese consumers enter the middle class. How are – and can – western retailers share the new wealth?

The world is pink: inside Barbie

It sounds like a recipe for disaster: launching a brand based around an anatomically impossible tall blonde Caucasian doll in the middle of China’s richest city… 

Doing (retail) business in Asia

Mainstream Asian economies are booming, propelling an unprecedented number of consumers into the burgeoning middle class and fuelling retail spending growth.

Shanghai’s new retail temple

It’s without question the best shopping mall in China – yet it isn’t complete.

Fashion statement: inside Louis Vuitton’s elegant Shanghai flagship

Louis Vuitton’s elegant new Shanghai flagship was opened at the IFC Mall in the city’s financial district – just in time for the World Expo.