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How OTO maximises its stores’ potential with MPower Conversational E-commerce

With the drastic changes brought from the evolving retail environment and shifting customer behavior, traditional retail businesses are struggling to survive.

Personalisation principles to get us from now to the ‘new normal’

As a reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic consumer behavior is changing on a dime, in new and frankly unpredictable ways, advises AB Tasty.

The best of both worlds: Panel and shopper loyalty data

Anyone working in FMCG on the manufacturer or retailer side over the past 20 years is likely very familiar with panel data. It’s always there when you need it, and something you can count on it to provide solid advice.

Proximity marketing is taking off

More than 50 per cent of marketers in different industries are using proximity technology (such as beacons) for their business…