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JD to launch worldwide new products initiative

Chinese e-commerce platform JD plans to help 3000 new products around the world become hot sellers, nurturing more than 1000 new global brands this year.

Yum China reopens most stores, reports recovering footfall

Yum China says it is witnessing “early signs of recovery” in Mainland China as business gradually resumes and people return to work.

Featured store: Steampunk theme for Japanese hair salon Miyanishi Yakeyama

Japanese hair salon Miyanishi Yakeyama, created by architectural firm Fathom, features a wall of greenery and copper pipes.

JD to issue US$212 million in coupons to boost post-coronavirus economy

JD is collaborating with various brands to provide RMB1.5 billion (US$212 million) in promotional coupons to stimulate sales across Mainland China.

SM, Jollibee roll out emergency packages for employees

As the community quarantine continues all over Luzon, Philippine conglomerate SM Group has committed to maintaining regular pay for all of its employees, without deductions from their vacation or sick leave entitlements.

Xiaomi reopens 1800 stores across China

Chinese tech retailer Xiaomi says it has reopened more than 1800 retail stores across Mainland China and that the majority of its suppliers had resumed production.

Muji parent Ryohin Keikaku caught in US$68 million tax dodge

Muji store parent Ryohin Keikaku has been found to have dodged paying US$68.3 million in tax by transferring taxable income to its operations in China.

Tencent costs surge as competition Bytes

Soaring costs saw Tencent Holdings report a net income of US$13 billion for last year, after a slow fourth quarter.

Revealed: the next movers & shakers of Singapore fashion

Nine Singapore fashion brands have been selected to undergo a 30-week incubation programme starting April 6.

Hong Kong government launches cash relief for retailers from Monday

The Hong Kong government will allocate US$271 million in aid for around 70,000 retailers affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Giant Japanese sports store Alpen to open next month

Japanese sports and outdoor goods retailer Alpen Co is set to launch Kanagawa’s first experience-based store late next month.

McDonald’s UK to scrap plastic Happy Meal toys

McDonald’s is ditching its plastic Happy Meal toys in favour of more sustainably produced alternatives in its UK stores.