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British shopkeepers recall riot horror – updated

16,000 police put on London’s streets, but riots spread to other cities.

Jewellery giant’s sales collapse

The global darling of the world’s jewellery mass market is in chaos.

What bankrobbers and retailers have in common

A famous bank robber’s alleged quote has strong resonance with modern retailing, writes property columnist Michael Baker.

Ermenegildo Zegna opens Sydney flagship

Luxury fashion giant’s newest flagship opens Down Under.

Indians embrace ‘tryvertising’ concept

Tryvertising – where advertising and consumer product sampling are rolled into one – is proving a hit in India.

Live-in blogger to catalogue airport life

A Canadian Airport’s social networking plan may be a unique model for a savvy retailer to follow.

Korean train commuters embrace virtual grocery store

Backlit screens inside Korean train stations let shoppers purchase their groceries whilst they wait to travel.

Mattel axes revered Barbie store

One of the world’s best known concept stores – the 3500sqm Barbie in Shanghai – closed this week. 

China’s middle class tsunami

Every day more Chinese consumers enter the middle class. How are – and can – western retailers share the new wealth?

The world is pink: inside Barbie

It sounds like a recipe for disaster: launching a brand based around an anatomically impossible tall blonde Caucasian doll in the middle of China’s richest city… 

Shanghai’s new retail temple

It’s without question the best shopping mall in China – yet it isn’t complete.

Doing (retail) business in Asia

Mainstream Asian economies are booming, propelling an unprecedented number of consumers into the burgeoning middle class and fuelling retail spending growth.


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