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Brazilian stores’ RFID chain

A Brazilian retailer uses RFID tags to track merchandise from manufacturer right through to customer.

Samsung, Google launch new computers

Samsung and Google have introduced the second-generation Chromebook – and the world’s first Chromebox.

Samsung Galaxy S3 launched in 28 countries

Samsung Galaxy S3 gets headstart on Apple’s iPhone, hitting shelves in 28 European and Middle Eastern countries.

Malaysia, Indonesia lead tech sales boom

Malaysia and Indonesia continue to lead growth in southeast Asia’s technical consumer goods market.

Japanese giants in TV JV

Sony and Panasonic partner to develop OEL TVs to catch up with South Korean rivals.

High tech, high touch future for stores

Jon Bird questions what tomorrow’s generation is going to expect in stores… and finds the first examples.

Smartphone boom in Southeast Asia

The Philippines records highest growth; Indonesia boasts the largest market.

Retailers projecting trend

Luxury label celebrates the launch of a new flagship store in Beijing with a “holographic” catwalk show.

PayPal ready for China

PayPal expects Chinese license to process electronic payments.

Online fraud blocker launched

AsiaPay launches ePayAlert to provide advanced online fraud detection.

5 in 5: IBM’s life-changing predictions

IBM names five innovations that will change the way we live, work and interact within the next five years.

Korean retailers in NFC trial

NFC service gains momentum in Korea.