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Macau Pass teams with Alipay

Macau Pass says local retailers can now apply to upgrade their terminals to accept payments from Alipay Wallet and UnionPay QuickPass cards.

KFC China accepts Alipay

More than 700 KFC China stores have started to accept customer payments via Alipay’s smartphone-based payment technology.

Alibaba in $1b eCommerce JV Koubei

Alibaba has invested US$1 billion in a new joint venture called Koubei to invest in new eCommerce businesses, including food delivery.

How Chinese shop online

Chinese shop online in a manner very different to western internet shoppers.

Alibaba teams with Shanghai Media Group

Alibaba Group has signed a strategic agreement with Shanghai Media Group to leverage both companies’ Internet technology and media resources to penetrate China’s financial information services industry.

Walmart China launches app-based store

Walmart China has launched its app-based retail store Walmart To Go in Shenzhen.

9 keys to reaching Asian consumers

With the middle class predicted to double to 1.32 billion by 2020, Asian consumers – and their expectations – are changing rapidly.

Alibaba’s greatest day

Chinese online group Alibaba has smashed last year’s Single’s Day record – but by falling short of analyst expectations, it unfairly seemed a little underwhelming. Alibaba says total sales for China’s biggest annual online trading day, November 11, reached US$9.3 billion – a little short of the overly optimistic analyst predictions it would break through the $10 billion barrier. But such observations unreasonably overshadow what was still an incredible achievement given last year’s…

New ePass opens doors to China

China has 300 million online shoppers – and they’re about to find it easier to shop online in the US. Alibaba spinoff Alipay is launching a product called ePass which will simplify the online shopping process and allow Chinese to shop outside the mainland without an international credit card, which makes offshore purchases more expensive. The new service has already been beta-tested with several online retailers including H&M and Gap. Now it will be offered to any US retailer interes…

China partnership offers tax refunds

A partnership between Alipay and Global Blue will enable Chinese people to have taxes reimbursed. Alipay, China’s leading online payment service provider, and Global Blue, the Swiss-based expert in international shopping and spending, have collaborated to enable Chinese tourists reimburse the VAT paid on goods and services purchased from Global Blue’s retail partners directly into their Alipay accounts. Beginning July 8, 5000 retailers across France, Germany, Italy, South Korea and the U…

Payment companies team up

Online access to Western brands has been made even easier for Chinese shoppers, thanks to a partnership between Stripe and Alipay. Stripe, often compared to Ebay’s PayPal, and Alibaba affiliate Alipay have struck a deal to solve the geographic constraints of credit cards. Using Stripe’s payment software, merchants can now detect if a shopper is located in mainland China and give them the option of paying with their account on Alipay. Stripe co-founder and CEO Patrick Collison said b…

[:en], Alipay team up[:zh] Lotte.com与支付宝联手

[:en]Korean online shopping mall has launched a new payment service for Chinese customers. has partnered with Alibaba’s Alipay to attract more Chinese consumers by enabling them to pay for purchases with Alipay’s cross-border payment solution. “After a month of trials with Alipay, we have confirmed our overseas payment system works as smooth as silk. Now, customers in China will be able to shop for Korean goods from the comfort of their home,” confirmed a Lotte.…