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Boots store of the future opens in London

Boots has launched its new format store in Covent Garden, foreshadowing expected upgrades in its international operations.

Walgreens Boots Alliance launches in China via Tmall

Walgreens Boots Alliance has taken its first tentative step into Mainland China, opening a flagship store online with Alibaba’s Tmall.

Walgreen Boots finally settles GuoDa China investment

Walgreens Boots Alliance has finally achieved regulatory approvals for its Chinese pharmacy acquisition.

Asia key to expansion, says Walgreens Boots Alliance

Walgreens Boots Alliance, which owns the Boots chain, plans to continue expansion in Asia.

Walgreen Boots to buy nearly 2000 Rite Aid stores

Walgreen Boots Alliance has secured regulatory clearance to buy 1932 Rite Aid stores, along with three distribution centers.

UK smartphone shopping spend set to soar

UK smartphone shopping spend will overtake that on tablets next year as the larger devices fall from favour, reports GlobalData.

Boots Korea launches at Starfield Hanam complex

E-mart has unveiled its first Boots Korea store at its Starfield Hanam shopping complex.

Walgreens sales decline as Boots performance worsens

There is both good and bad news from the second quarter Walgreens sales data.

Currency hurt Walgreens Boots Alliance sales

Walgreens Boots Alliance sales have been an early victim of the strengthening dollar.

Walgreens US growth stalls

With the inclusion of Boots Alliance’s figures now annualised, total sales at Walgreens US grew at the slowest pace in over a year.

Asos sales strong despite China woes

First half year Asos sales and profit results are testament to a savvy understanding of both UK consumers and those across the rest of the world markets.

Why the Boots Alliance merger is a success

Why the merged Boots Alliance Walgreens business is on track to long-term success.


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