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Delivery ‘very important’ finds Deliveroo Restaurant Satisfaction Index

Deliveroo has launched a restaurant satisfaction index, finding that restaurants in Hong Kong are facing a challenging business environment but see delivery as an increasingly important part of their business.

Deliveroo’s ‘virtual restaurants’ number set to double by year’s end

The ranks of food-delivery service Deliveroo’s ‘virtual restaurants’ are set to double by the end of this year as the concept catches on with local restaurateurs.

Deliveroo Hong Kong launches loyalty program

Deliveroo Hong Kong believes a new loyalty program it has launched will drive retail-order growth by 75 per cent and increase order frequency by 85 per cent.

Foodpanda Hong Kong to start delivering groceries

Foodpanda Hong Kong is adding grocery deliveries to its services from late next month.

Amazon leads Deliveroo funding round

Amazon is leading another funding round in international food-delivery startup Deliveroo.

Deliveroo Plus launches in Hong Kong

Food-delivery service Deliveroo has launched a subscription model in Hong Kong, dubbed Deliveroo Plus.

Deliveroo Hong Kong plans to double fleet this year

Deliveroo Hong Kong plans to double its fleet of riders to 4000 and reach 6000 restaurant partners by the end of this year.

Deliveroo restaurant opens in Hong Kong

A Deliveroo restaurant has opened in Hong Kong in a trial which, if successful, could see its own-branded eateries opened globally.

Deliveroo Hong Kong launches tools for restaurants

Deliveroo Hong Kong has released two new tools to assist its restaurant partners to achieve growth.

Technology can literally drive customers to your store

Here is a true story of how in-car screens can literally drive customers to your store.

Deliveroo Singapore offers self-collection

Self-collection is offered at Deliveroo Singapore’s new central kitchen, a first for the territory by a food-delivery service provider.

Foodpanda Singapore launches restaurant

Foodpanda Singapore has launched a 30-seater restaurant, Favourites by Foodpanda.