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DHL China to start drone deliveries

DHL China is to start delivering goods by drones, cutting the delivery time on a route in Guangzhou from 40 minutes to just eight.

JD and Rakuten collaborate on drone-delivery plan

JD and Rakuten will collaborate on developing unmanned delivery solutions in Japan.

Rakuten drone delivery system launched

A new Rakuten drone delivery system uses Docomo’s LTE mobile network when a customer places an order via a smartphone.

7-Eleven, Amazon UK test drone deliveries

Two major global retailers – 7-Eleven US and Amazon UK – are testing delivery by drone.

Electro Mart store offers hands-on experience

South Korea’s discount retail giant E-mart’s electronics store Electro Mart is set to open its first stand-alone outlet.

Rakuten drones to deliver from May 9

A new Rakuten drones delivery service will launch in Japan on May 9.

DJI Korea drone store opens in March

A DJI Korea flagship store will open in Seoul in March – the company’s second in Asia.

DJI opens futuristic drone shop in China

DJI, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicle technology (drones) has opened its first flagship drone shop in Shenzhen.