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Swedish brand Foreo wins unprecedented Chinese IP ruling

Swedish skintech brand Foreo has been awarded a judgement of RMB3 million (US$450,000) in an unprecedented court ruling in Shanghai.

Retailers of Chinese knock-offs of Korean brands thriving in Vietnam

More than 70 stores in Vietnam are selling Chinese knock-offs of Korean products and brands, a trend concerning trade officials.

Taobao stays on counterfeit blacklist

Taobao has made the USTR counterfeit blacklist again for selling suspected counterfeits.

Alibaba seeks tougher penalties for counterfeit goods

Alibaba Group has called for tougher laws, stricter enforcement and stiffer penalties to crack down on purveyors of counterfeit goods in China.

Seoul police bust fake label retailers

Seoul police busted four retailers on Monday for selling counterfeit products of luxury brands in Myeongdong, one of the busiest tourist and shopping districts in Seoul.

Thai authorities seize fake fashion

Thousands of fake label fashion label goods have been seized from retail stores in a Thai government clampdown.

Apple China bracing for fall

Although Apple China revenue rose by 14 per cent in the latest quarter, the company is starting to see a shift in the economy, particularly in Hong Kong.

Boom in teenage arrests for selling counterfeit goods online

Hong Kong Customs officials report they have arrested a record number of teenagers for selling counterfeit goods online – via social media.

Singapore Customs seizes 700 bags

Singapore Customs has seized 700 fake handbags and wallets imoported from China on trade mark violations.

Fake beauty products overrun Chinese websites

Fake beauty products are now so prevalent in China, that most online shoppers have almost certainly unwittingly bought them by now.

Axed: 5000 Alibaba pay TV pirate ads

Irdeto and Alibaba Group have in one month taken down 5000 ads on Alibaba.com for pirate devices from 71 manufacturers and suppliers.

New technology can identify fakes

Luxury brands affected by Asia’s burgeoning multi-billion dollar piracy trade will soon have a new weapon. NEC has revealed new technology that can distinguish even the most sophisticated counterfeit products. The technology can read microscopic patterns on anything from luxury handbags to mechanical component. And it can track the origin of mass-produced items like clothing by examining what it describes as “object fingerprints” – three-dimensional patterns or irregularities found on…