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Hong Kong retailers warned of advertising blitz

Hong Kong retailers have been warned of a two-month long clampdown on commercial advertising encroaching onto footpaths and laneways starting next week.

Sham Shui Po shop ordered to close

A fresh Sham Shui Po shop has been given a 14-day trade suspension for illegally extending its business area.

Health officials shutter Sheung Shui restaurant

A Sheung Shui restaurant has been ordered to close for 14 days by the director of food and environmental hygiene.

Complaint sparks Ikea Hong Kong sales suspension

Ikea Hong Kong has suspended sales of meatballs after a complaint of maggots in the product.

Sham Shui Po shop shuttered

A shop in Sham Shui Po has been shuttered for 14 days for repeatedly breaching food regulations.

Hong Kong online food vendors shun laws

Many Hong Kong online food vendors are still not complying with laws designed to ensure food safety, according to the Consumer Council.

Lunar New Year Fair stall auction results released

The Lunar New Year Fair stall auction results for the first two days have been released.

Lunar New Year fair stall auctions to start in November

Hong Kong’s FEHD explains the full process for Lunar New Year fair stall 2017 auctions.

Officials babysitting hawker bazaar relocation

The government says it is being fair and impartial in the Yen Chow Street Temporary Hawker Bazaar relocation.

Authorities monitoring mooncakes online

Hong Kong’s FEHD is clamping down on unlicensed food factories selling mooncakes online.

Parallel trading crackdowns yield more arrests

Crackdowns on parallel trading have continued in Hong Kong, with further arrests.

New laws for Hong Kong online food retailers

New rules have been introduced regulating Hong Kong online food retailers.