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Asia-Pacific the key market for global smartphone sales

Global smartphone sales grew 5 per cent to hit US$522 billion last year, with Asia-Pacific accounting for nearly half of those.

Huawei retail plans 15,000 new stores

Huawei retail plans 15,000 retail stores internationally this year to boost high-end smartphone sales.

Big boost in customer engagement via social media

Social media is now being heavily used by brands and businesses for customer engagement, according to a GFK report.

Asian smartphone sales still lead world

Asian smartphone sales still lead the world market, with Asia Pacific tipped to remain the fastest-growing region this year by market research company GFK.

Hong Kong consumers favour saving over fun

Hong Kong consumers lead the world for their saving and investment mindset, while savers outnumber fun-lovers overall in Asia Pacific.

The rising shopping influence of third-party reviews

The increasing influence of strangers on consumers’ shopping journey.

Where Chinese tourists are spending their shopping dollar

As Chinese tourists discover new destinations, retailers in neighbouring countries are being left in the dust.

Smartphone sales soar in SE Asia

Demand for smartphones in Southeast Asia reached a new peak across the region – except in Singapore.

Vietnam tablet market soars

The rapid growth of the Vietnam tablet market is boosting the potential of eCommerce in the fast-maturing Southeast Asian nation.

Japanese take slice of Tran Anh Digital World

Leading Japanese electronics retailer Nojima Corporation has taken a cornerstone share in a Vietnamese electronics chain Tran Anh Digital World.

Flatscreen TV sales slide in SE Asia

Flatscreen TV sales are falling in Southeast Asia – but consumers are still buying more expensive UHD models.

4G, Asia lead smartphone sales rise

Smartphone sales continue to rise worldwide, driven by increasing popularity of large screen handsets.