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Shop til you drop: one retailer’s diary of a US study trip

For many travellers, a visit to the US is a trip to retail heaven. The almost empty luggage on the way over is filled with their haul on the return from the land of shop-til-you-drop.

A digital Christmas? Bah hashtag!

While Target in the US gears up for its “most digitally enabled (holiday) campaign in history”, many Australian merchants are saying ‘bah hashtag’ and playing down the importance of online. According to the just released Deloitte Christmas Retailers’ Survey, more than half of retailers researched expect online sales this festive season to be two per cent or less of total revenue. Perhaps they are longing for the ghost of Christmas past when one of the only channel to market was bric…

The trend to conscious capitalism

“We exist to feed each and every person who walks through our doors with dignity regardless of their means.” Now that’s a statement of purpose that staff members can really get behind, in contrast to the marshmallow mission statements of many companies. In many ways, it’s an anarchic, anti-retail idea. (Serve people regardless of their means? Really? Surely we’re there to extract the punters’ money, and if they can’t pay, turn ‘em away!) Yet the notion is right on trend in …

When ugly is beautiful

Jon Bird examines innovative ugliness in retail.

Marketing to Androids

In a mobile-driven environment of constant distractions, breaking through is not easy, writes Jon Bird.

The secrets of speed selling

Do merchants have one of the essential metrics of retail all wrong?

Being ‘liked’ is not enough

Being liked is no longer good enough. Emilia Terzon looks at the bigger trends in social media for forward thinking retailers. 

The danger of depositioning

Never take your value reputation for granted, writes Jon Bird.

The most powerful ad ever?

Can an ad asking consumers not to buy make them want to buy even more? asks Jon Bird.