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Louis Vuitton hits Kazakhstan

Louis Vuitton opens its doors in Almaty.

Vuitton continues China rollout

Louis Vuitton gears up for the opening of its Anhui store.

India grants FDI to select foreign retailers

India’s government grants FDI rights for 63 foreign companies.

Louis Vuitton opens first China maison

Louis Vuitton opens its first China maison at Plaza 66, Shanghai. 

Louis Vuitton to open China Maison

Louis Vuitton to open a Maison flagship in Shanghai – its first in China.

Luxury brands’ new China challenge

Is Louis Vuitton now “too accessible” in China?

Louis Vuitton holds luxury crown

Brands that provide a little bit of luxury to frugal shoppers are thriving finds Millward Brown’s Brandz Top 100 most valuable Global Brands Study.

The best of the best

The world’s most valuable luxury brands ranked.

Louis Vuitton Sydney: Australia’s best store

Peter James Ryan explains why Louis Vuitton’s new Sydney flagship might well be Australia’s best retail store.

Louis Vuitton’s bold flagship opens in Singapore

Louis Vuitton opens its super luxury world first ‘island store’ in Singapore.

China’s middle class tsunami

Every day more Chinese consumers enter the middle class. How are – and can – western retailers share the new wealth?

Fashion statement: inside Louis Vuitton’s elegant Shanghai flagship

Louis Vuitton’s elegant new Shanghai flagship was opened at the IFC Mall in the city’s financial district – just in time for the World Expo.


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