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Five omnichannel tips for Southeast Asian retailers

Abhijeet Vijayvergiya of Capillary Technologies shares five tips for Southeast Asian retailers to lift their omnichannel game.

Omnichannel payments strategy key to seamless customer experience

An omni-channel payments strategy is key to creating a seamless customer experience for the majority of retailers.

The omnichannel era is over: arise the ecosystem

Like all buzzwords, omnichannel has had its time. The omnichannel era is over, writes Brian Walker of The Retail Doctor Group.

Everyone going omnichannel: but where’s the profit?

Just 16 per cent of 400 leading retail CEOS say they can fulfil omnichannel demand profitably, in a study conducted by PwC.

[:en]Metro China goes omnichannel[:zh]麦德龙在中国的全渠道零售战略

[:en]German retailer Metro focusing on an omnichannel strategy to build market share in China. The retailer is upgrading its website to allow shoppers to place their orders online and pick them up at Metro cash and carry stores. The upgrade will also enable shoppers to access the website, in Chinese and English, through their mobile devices and via social media. “Aiming to be ‘the champion for independent business’ and a focused multichannel specialist, we’re dedic…

Alibaba buys Intime

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has agreed to acquire a 35 per cent stake in department store chain Intime for $692 million. The acquisition is aimed at integrating their online and offline businesses. Alibaba said in a statement that it will take a 9.9 per cent equity stake in Intime for $214 million and subscribe to $478 million in convertible bonds, which if converted would give Alibaba no less than an additional 25 per cent stake in Intime. “We see significant opportunities to ex…