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Where Chinese tourists are spending their shopping dollar

As Chinese tourists discover new destinations, retailers in neighbouring countries are being left in the dust.

How Indian retailers boost footfall

Retailers in India are innovating ways to increase footfall in their stores and encourage customer spend. They’re also using smart tricks to make customers stay longer. For example, toy retailer Simba has designated an area where children can play with toys for free. A similar tactic was implemented by books and toys store Landmark which offers free summer activities for kids. “We organise several festivals and carnivals during the summer break for children as the idea is to encourag…

Asians growing adoption of cashless payment

A new MasterCard study has revealed a rapid shift away from cash in economies including Asian countries. The study ‘The Cashless Journey’ found out that 55 per cent of the value of consumer spend in China was cashless. Meanwhile, Singapore (69 per cent) is approaching the “tipping point” to becoming nearly cashless. In emerging economies such as India (32 per cent) and Indonesia (31 per cent) are just embarking on their cashless journey, but are in many cases changing cash share of …

Epicor signs APAC partner

CyberM Information Technology to resell Epicor retail technology solutions.

Retailers urged to target Chinese elders

Elderly Chinese consumers have ‘money to burn but nowhere to spend it’, study says.

India’s retail revolution

Darrell Wisbey returns from India to conclude ‘The Retail Explosion has started’.