Singaporean jewellery retailer Goldheart opens concept store

Singaporean jewellery retailer Goldheart has opened its first concept store at Plaza Singapura.

Themed “the contemporary communal”, this new store features a revised design concept with its first open frontage in 45 years of trading, and an interior that takes the form of a contemporary living room.

Goldheart New Concept Store 3 (Foyer)

“Our new concept store is a reimagination of the relationship and experiences that we want our customers to have with us,” said Patsy Loo, Goldheart’s business director. “We want them to connect with the brand on a more personal level and cast aside hesitations that may have prevented them from strolling into a fine jewellery store.

Goldheart New Concept Store 4 (Library)


“The ‘modern living room’ therefore became our theme to evoke feelings of familiarity and hospitality among shoppers, as they are beckoned towards the store with our new open concept to explore the beautifully curated space.

“In fact, the concept store at Plaza Singapura serves as the design blueprint that will be applied for three more Goldheart stores in 2019”, she added.

Goldheart New Concept Store 5 (Communal Table)

Goldheart New Concept Store 7 (Lounge)

Goldheart New Concept Store 8(Lounge)

The official opening of the Singaporean jewellery retailer Goldheart’s new concept store on January 31 was marked with the debut of new designs from Italian fine jewellery label Nanis as well as its popular Sanrio Characters collection featuring 14K white and rose gold with diamonds and pink sapphires.


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