Featured store: Darry Ring by Stefano Tordiglione Design

Interior design studio ST Design has completed its latest project for fine jewellery firm Darry Ring in Beijing’s Wangfujing shopping street.

The 250sqm retail space is designed to “appeal to the beauty and auspices of serendipity” and conspicuously echoes a round motif grounded on the brand’s “The One & Only” tagline, which is communicated through the prominent slogan at the entrance facade and via other company channels.

A release issued by the designer stated that “the design was inspired by the relation to romance. A circle symbolises many  aspirations. It is a symbol of two lives uniting as one (reunion). It represents the vow (ring) and the harmony that matrimony brings (roundness).”

Darry Ring runs more than 280 stores in Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and many other cities in China.


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