5 Star Plus designs concept store for Sinsian Black Jelly

Sinsian Black Jelly is making a play in China’s growing health food industry from its Liangmaqiao store in Beijing, which opened earlier this year.

The brand plans to open 10 further stores in the coming year so that more of China can experience the dessert.

The Sinsian Black Jelly store’s design by 5 Star Plus Retail Design reflects the product geometrically via tiles intended to resemble the squares of the jelly after processing, offset by white tones to symbolise the ingredients.

In expressing the product through a minimalist decor and style, the designer’s goal is to allow customers to recall the product more easily. The lighting sources and glass walls convey warmth and a coordinated environment, while the transparent design elements place a focus on the grass jelly by putting the preparation of the desserts on display, encouraging confidence in the product. 

Customers in store can watch as fresh ingredients are put into their jellies using toppings of their choice.

The jelly is made from a plant known as Mesona chinensis, which grows largely in East Asia. It is preserved without pigments or preservatives and prepared by allowing the leaves to dry before boiling cooling before being cut into cubes.


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