Starbucks merchandise in high demand as fans miss in-store experience

Stuck in their homes, many US fans of Starbucks are apparently missing the experience of shopping or dining in a cafe – so they’re going online to pay huge premiums to buy the coffee brand’s merchandise.  

US high-end online reseller Poshmark has seen sales of Starbucks merchandise increase by more than 100 per cent since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic.

Buyers in search of Starbucks mugs, tumblers, earrings (yes, earrings), scarves and almost anything bearing the famous siren logo have reportedly flooded sites such as Poshmark, hunting for bargains and rare collectables.

Poshmark CEO Manish Chandra suggested restrictions on movement brought on by the outbreak have triggered strong nostalgia for the coffee chain amongst patrons who regularly visit outlets. Starbucks is now the site’s top-trending brand.

Starbucks merchandise is only available direct from its physical cafes after the company closed its online store three years ago, making it impossible for customers to browse new products in areas where lockdowns are in place.

“People have been making their coffee at home and pouring it into their favourite Starbucks cups, or taking their Starbucks mugs to their Zoom meetings or now, virtual coffee meets,” Chandra told CNN.

Starbucks has acknowledged the surge in demand for its merchandise on reseller sites, but made no further comment.


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