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Luxury goes mobile, Worldpay research shows

Shoppers in emerging economies want a more luxury, personalised shopping service via mobile, Worldpay research reveals.

The rise and rise of online super sales

While the US formulated online super sales, such as this week’s Black Friday, Asia has adopted the concept with a vengeance.

Boom predicted for China Singles’ Day

Three days out from China Singles’ Day, experts are predicting Alibaba’s annual e-commerce sales event will keep setting records.

Singapore m-commerce set for 33 per cent growth

Singapore m-commerce is set for 33 per cent growth in the next five years, according to a new report.

Caution over IoT payments, Worldpay research shows

Smart home appliances that buy items on behalf of owners have yet to win over support, according to Worldpay research.

Worldpay predicts credit-card decline

Credit-card use in Singapore is set to fall by 40 per cent in less than five years, according to Worldpay.

Record spending expected again for Singles Day

Singles Day or 11.11, which launches at midnight, is expected to again set an online spending record.

‘Super-shoppers’ dominating online retail

A Worldpay survey shows that high-spending, high-frequency “super-shoppers” dominate online spending.

Online security ‘paramount’ for shoppers

A sense of online security is paramount for nearly one quarter of shoppers when deciding whether to buy on a website, according to a new survey from Worldpay.

Microsoft teams up with WorldPay in China

Software giant uses alternative payments programme to capture growth in China.

Payment deal opens China’s online trade

With China’s eCommerce sales up two-thirds in 2011, a major payment processor has sealed a deal to increase the nation’s international transactions.