Tmall fashion shop in Hangzhou

In a stunning online-to-offline execution, a new Tmall fashion shop in Hangzhou displays clothes from 100 brands.

The shop features clothing mounted on colourful metal mesh and lengths of bamboo and black frames, amongst other settings, defining different zones. The 1850 sqm space, designed by Shanghai studio X+Living (previously XL-Muse).

Tmall offline shop - Dezeen 7

Named Mori Girl Collection, Celebrity Collection, OL Collection and Fashionable Girl Collection, each area has a dramatically different style from the next, and intended to cater for different women and their shopping habits, reports

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“The dressing philosophy of women’s clothing is interpreted through using different techniques in designing the four spaces, and a new shopping experience is created through multiple possibilities of display,” say the interior designers.

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Large screens throughout the store aim to provide a connection between the “offline fitting experience” and the online shop.

For the Fashionable Girl Collection area, the architects wanted to emphasis individuality by using bright reds, yellows and pink. Folded metal frames in these colours feature diagonal lines to hook clothes and partition the space. Boxes with crisscross patterns provide stands in between.

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Mirrored room

Large button-like  fixtures hang from the ceiling, while the floor is covered with black and white patterned tiles. There is also a peculiar statue with large ears and an umbrella attached to the ceiling. Circular mirrors dot the walls and ceiling of a room where customers try on clothes.

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In the Celebrity Collection area, clothing hangs on delicate golden cages the architects describe as “princess bubble skirts”. A wavy platform threads through the space.

A curved mirror surface inside each cage hides the fitting rooms, which feature a makeup area, a rest area and a selfie area “waiting for the visit of every princess”.

Tmall offline shop - Dezeen 13*

Tmall offline shop - Dezeen 3

Contrastingly, the OL Collection area has monochrome finishes, including dark-grey flooring and black metal banisters. The clothes racks are made up of different compositions of grey, and wooden boxes set on black frames, while in the corners wooden stacks are used to display shoes.

Tmall offline shop - Dezeen 11*

“Adding wood veneer has softened the texture of the space,” says the studio. “While being decorative moulding and multifunctional clothes hanger at the same time, every clothes rack is a perfect combination of form and function.”

Tmall offline shop - Dezeen 2*

The Mori Girl area, accessed through a large arch in the entrance, features milky-white textured walls and a white floor, creating a clean and simple backdrop for clothes in muted tones of purple, pink and beige.

Bamboo poles and hemp rope are used to make hanging racks, with wooden bases for displaying shoes. The mirror is hidden behind an angled facade supported by two poles.

“The space is bright and concise, and primitive and simple materials are used to echo with the temperament of this type of clothing,” says the studio.

* Photos by Shao Feng.


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