Pioneering retailer Studs takes the pain points out of piercing

Ear-piercing retailer Studs has won private-equity funding and opened its first physical store after launching online in New York. 

Studs set out to solve the customer pain points of traditional ear-piercing services by incorporating healthy piercing with an omnichannel retail operation and offering a wide assortment of affordable earrings. 

“With traditional piercing retailers losing popularity and failing to meet the needs of today’s consumers, there’s a lack of brands in the piercing and retail landscape that prioritise healthy needle piercing, offer a trend-driven product assortment and accessible pricing,” said Studs co-founder and CEO Anna Harman. 

“By having a singular focus on the ear-piercing experience from start to finish, we’re confident that Studs can close the gap and deliver a service not only centered around ear piercing, but optimised for every possible need related to either piercing or jewellery in a way that no other brand is doing today.”

The brand also built an online platform where its customers can purchase curated ‘earscapes’, single earrings and collections and access after-care. 

Studs has successfully raised US$3 million in funding led by First Round Capital, which will be used to further expansion in other US locations and enhancing customer experience. Studs told Inside Retail Asia by email that the company is focused on its immediate geographical area for now before it starts to expand into other markets next year.

A partner at First Round, Hayley Barna, said Generation Z consumers have evolved beyond mall brands like Claire’s and are uninspired by getting pierced at their pediatrician’s office. 

“With the increasing demand for multiple piercings and jewellery styles becoming particularly trendy amongst this age demographic, tattoo parlours, which can be intimidating, expensive and limited in selection, have become more or less the default.”


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