Featured store: Hangzhou cafe Angelot

A curved entrance wall and white tiles make Chinese cafe Angelot stand out in its Hangzhou back-street location.

Designed by Say Architects, the store has been featured by Dezeen. Located in the city’s Xiasha district, the store occupies a 150sqm space with its entrance situated towards the back of the street.

As most of the store’s facade was blocked by a ventilation shaft, the design studio created a curved wall with white tiles which visualises a path leading customers from the outside. 

“Instead of simply hiding all these disadvantages, we tried to use and connect them with a simple concept — a gradually disclosed sense of ritual,” said Yan Zhang, co-founder of Say Architects.

The studio used orange as the main tone for interior as it wanted to create a warm and soft atmosphere. 

“We think patisserie should be more soft and gentle, so we selected this neutral-minimal style and applied orange in other ways, like the small orange stones integrated in the floor and the leather that has an orange tone,” said Zhang.

Inside the store, the counter is separated into three blocks for displaying cakes, making beverages and taking payments. The large bare block is where customers can stand and enjoy their drink. 

“Sunlight touches the glass-reinforced concrete walls and brings this fabric-like texture out of it. The lemon trees divide the dining area vaguely, and a peaceful and gentle space is therefore created and kept.”

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