Owndays partners with Wagyumafia to launch new eyewear range

Eyewear retailer Owndays has launched a new sunglass range branded Chateaubriand in collaboration with restaurant brand Wagyumafia.

The collaboration model is all about portraying the theme handmade in Japan with simple and basic in mind, the company says.

The Chateaubriand collection has two types of sunglasses, both with a bold “Chateaubriand” logo on the temple. The normal type features a heavy- duty acetate black frame made from thick fabric and transparent green lens. The sporty type has a light gray frame and a polarised lens.

The Wagyumafia and Owndays glasses come in a customised case.

Meanwhile, the restaurant has created a special VIP set menu where customers can “enjoy this collaboration of sunglasses and a gorgeous meal” with Wagyumafia and Owndays.

Wagyumafia is an exclusive restaurant brand set up by Takafumi Horie and Hisato Hamada. Wagyumafia operates eight restaurants around the world with its mission to educate consumers and the restaurant industry on the appropriate application of high-end Japanese Wagyu beef.

Bookings are strictly limited.


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