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How Olive Young is ensuring social distancing at checkouts

Olive Young has affixed footprint stickers to the floor by checkout counters, to encourage shoppers to follow recommended social-distancing directives.

How South Korean companies are beating the ‘corona blues’

Many South Koreans are becoming depressed as they suffer from the ‘corona blues,’ a phenomenon caused by a lack of outdoor activities due to the coronavirus.

Starbucks Korea expands social-distancing plan

Starbucks Korea will expand social-distancing measures across its branches nationwide from Thursday, after a successful trial at some stores.

South Korean malls remain calm despite panic buying worldwide

Panic buying is spreading like wildfire among a number of countries as fear of the coronavirus deepens – but not in South Korea.

Disposable cups transformed into photographic paper

The use of disposable cups is on the rise as consumers are prioritising safety from the coronavirus – but a new use for them has been discovered in Korea.

Ebay struggling to sell South Korea division

US online shopping giant eBay is struggling to offload its South Korean unit. Sources within the e-commerce industry believe there are a few large retail companies that could potentially buy the Ebay South Korea business due to its large size. They estimate the business could potentially be worth 5 trillion won (US$4.18 billion), based on about one third of the company’s 16 trillio…

Green light for South Korean retailers to sell liquor online

South Koreans will soon be able to place liquor orders online, using the internet or smartphone apps, before picking up their orders at retail establishments such as restaurants and convenience stores. The National Tax Service (NTS) said Monday it had voted to allow liquor retailers to make sales using telecommunications services, enabling so-called “smart orders.” Accordingly, s…

South Korean cafe ranks continues to grow

The number of South Korean cafes continues to grow at a brisk pace, according to a government recent study.

Daegu citizens use social media to support restaurants hit by coronavirus

Citizens of South Korean city Daegu are working together on social media to prop up local businesses hit hard by the rapidly growing coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus impact ‘worse than Mers’ in South Korea

The South Korean retail industry may suffer larger losses from the coronavirus than during the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in 2015, analysts say.

South Korean convenience stores in delivery-service battle

Competition among South Korean convenience stores over delivery services is heating up.

LG robotic waiter serves food in Seoul restaurant

An singing, talking LG robotic waiter has made its debut at CJ Foodville’s Cheiljemyunso restaurant in Seoul Station in South Korea.