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Korea Grand Sale 2019

The 2019 Korea Grand Sale kicks off

The 2019 Korea Grand Sale, a shopping festival for foreign tourists is underway and will run until February 28.

Shopping bags at supermarket

South Korea to ban single-use plastic bags from sale

South Korea is to ban big-time supermarkets and retailers nationwide from giving out single-use plastic bags in an attempt to conserve natural resources and reduce recyclable waste.

Korean Christmas parties boosting sgtore sales

Party supplies sales surge in South Korea

Demand for party supplies from South Korean retailers is soaring as a growing number of people prefer to host end-of-year celebrations at home.

Online shopping

South Koreans spending more on Chinese online stores

South Koreans are spending more at Chinese online stores, according to credit-card spending data.

South Korean convenience store operators agree to curb competition

South Korean convenience store operators have agreed not to engage in cut-throat competition.

South Korean brand Handsome copy

Fashion label Handsome to release AI-designed clothes

South Korean fashion label Handsome says it will release the country’s first clothes designed with AI.

7-Eleven South Korea locker service

Seven Locker service launched by 7-Eleven South Korea

7-Eleven South Korea has launched an unmanned locker service called Seven Locker at two stores in Seoul.

Mobile payment Korea bizwire

Surge in mobile payments at South Korean convenience stores

Mobile payments at South Korean convenience stores have more than doubled this year thanks to the greater use of smartphones.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee ready for South Korea

Blue Bottle Coffee Co an upscale US coffee chain operator, says it will open its first South Korean shop in Seoul in the second quarter of next year.

LG’s Shopping Cart Robot

LG develops smart-cart robot for E-mart

LG Electronics will work with E-mart to develop what they call a smart-cart robot for supermarkets.

Starbucks Kore - cashless store

Starbucks Coffee Korea boosts cashless store ranks

Starbucks Coffee Korea Co. is adding 300 more ‘cashless shops’ in addition to the 103 stores currently in operation, starting on Monday.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - CIRCA MAY, 2017: 7-Eleven convenience store in Seoul. 7-Eleven is an internatio

7-Eleven South Korea tops franchisee-dispute tally

7-Eleven South Korea has run up the greatest number of formal disputes between head office and franchisees of any franchise business in the country.


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