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Cafe de Coral China closing east China stores

Cafe de Coral China is closing its stores in the nation’s east to focus on the southern China market.

‘Astonishing growth’ for Chinese FMCG market

The Chinese FMCG market online has shown “astonishing growth” according to a report by OC&C Strategy Consultants.

Chinese consumers will pay premium for overseas brands

A report by OC&C Strategy Consultants says Chinese consumers are willing to pay a premium for international clothing.

Burberry prices ‘too expensive’ in China

Burberry prices are too high in China and Hong Kong and the brand must make cuts if it wants to arrest falling sales in the region says a retail analyst.

Burberry prices ‘too high’ in Hong Kong, China

Burberry prices are too high in Hong Kong and Mainland China and if the brand wants to restore sales in the region it must make cuts.

China food retailers ‘victims’ of online

China’s largest food retailers – supermarkets and hypermarkets – have suffered “a torrid 18 months” and will need to transform their offer to recover from declining growth.