Filipinos prefer traditional stores

Nine in 10 Filipinos prefer grocery shopping at bricks and mortar stores – not online.

Nielsen’s Shopper Trends Report says 93 per cent of Filipinos prefer buying their groceries at offline shops. And eight in 10 check out all departments within the store when they shop.

“The love for shopping is alive among Filipinos. They find joy in going up and down the aisles to check out grocery items,” says Lou-Ann Navalta, Nielsen’s shopper insights leader in the Philippines.

“Retailers can further intensify the in-store shopping experience by offering a pleasant store environment. When shoppers are at ease, they are likely to come back to the store. This also makes them more receptive to in-store marketing efforts like promotions or impulse purchases,” she said.

Navalta said that as the number of supermarkets expands and shoppers’ needs evolve, it is no longer sufficient for retailers to rely on convenience factors alone to drive store choice.

“Having a wide network of stores is just a minimum requirement nowadays, and to be chosen over others retailers need to become a one-stop shop and offer shoppers a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience. This shift in shopper attitude extends to manufacturers too, and there is an opportunity for manufacturers to contribute to the shopping experience through shelf displays, category adjacencies, secondary placement and other in-store activations.”


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