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Haagen-Dazs Hong Kong has called in its insurers as publicity grows over a woman who found a sponge at the bottom of a milkshake bought at iSquare Tsim Sha Tsui nine days ago.
A Hong Kong woman identified only as Fan bought a Belgian chocolate milkshake and an ice cream cake at the Haagen-Dazs store in iSquare, Tsim Sha Tsui on November 29, right on closing time at 10pm.
When she arrived home her daughter, aged 14, complained of a salty taste to the shake and when they looked inside  they discovered a dark green object inside resembling a kitchen sponge, according to a report in the Apple Daily.
The store replaced the shake but she remained unsatisfied and a subsequent call to the retailer’s customer service hotline resulted in an offer of HK$1000 in supermarket coupons as compensation. Fan’s unpleasant discovery clearly has not diminished her love of the Haagen-Dazs brand because she responded by requesting half price Haagen-Dazs products for the remainder of her life.  
On Tuesday she lodged a formal complaint with the Food and Environmental Hygiene
Department (FEHD) and the same day, Haagen-Dazs told Fan that it had called in its insurers to deal with the issue.
FEHD took the contaminated drink away for testing and also inspected the store, which was given a clean bill of health.
Haagen-Dazs has not commented beyond saying the incident was of concern but the company is confident it was an isolated incident.

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