Korea’s CJ Group launches Malaysia shopping channel

CJ O Shopping Co, a home shopping unit of CJ Group, said Thursday it will launch a new channel in Malaysia in a joint venture with Media Prima TV Networks, a major Malaysian media group.

CJ O Shopping plans to start airing the new shopping channel in the first half of the year to target rising middle-class consumers in the Southeast Asian nation.

CJ O Shopping will shoulder 51 per cent of the bill for the 19 billion-won (US$15.7 million) investment, while Media Prima TV Networks will make up the remaining 49 per cent.

CJ will be in charge of operating the shopping channel, and Media Prima will provide media infrastructure.

Media Prima TV Networks operates Malaysia’s four leading free-to-air television stations, as well as radio stations and online channels.

Since launching a Chinese shopping channel in 2004, CJ O Shopping has expanded its global presence in India, Thailand, Turkey, Mexico and four other nations.

* Original reporting by Yonhap.


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