Sunway Malls recruiting flight attendants

In a bid to soar above the growing competition in the Malaysian mall industry, Sunway Malls is hiring former flight attendants to work in customer service.

As well as experience in delivering quality service, the former flight attendants have training and experience in safety and handling emergencies.

Customer care - Sunway Pyramid 3

So far nine former flight attendants have been recruited from a local carrier to work in both Sunway Pyramid and the soon-to-be-opened Sunway Velocity Mall. Similar recruits are also being sought for Sunway Putra Mall in Kuala Lumpur and Sunway Carnival Mall in Penang.

“With increasing competition, it is imperative the creation of good customer-service experience in malls takes precedence as both a strategic differentiator and a loyalty tool in a saturated market,” says Sunway Malls COO Kevin Tan.

Customer care - Sunway Pyramid

Earlier customer-service initiatives have included a carpark guiding system, powered wheelchairs and child distance monitors. Sunway Pyramid received a My Branded Service Award for outstanding customer service in 2009.

Customer care - Sunway Pyramid 2

Tan says the company still welcomes others who have not been flight attendants, with the most important criteria being passion and willingness to serve customers.

Competition is expected to intensify in Malaysia’s mall industry as another 27.28 million sqft (2.5 million sqm) of new retail space is about to enter the market, according to data from the National Property Information Centre.


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