Fedon Hong Kong launches flagship store at airport

Italian travel fashion brand Fedon Hong Kong has launched a flagship store at the airport.

Covering about 60 sqm in the concourse departure area, it features business/lifestyle trolleys, bags and accessories.

Founded in Venice in 1919 as a family-run business hand-making eyewear cases, Fedon listed on the stock market in 2014 despite being a modest-sized company. It has diversified production so as to avoid hyperspecialisation.

“The Fedon family has always invested a great deal in research, and the company will continue to do so,” says Fedon Group CEO Maurizio Schiavo, citing as an example its new eyewear line in which an innovative technique is used to add details to the leather on the frames.

“And then there is Fedon’s patent on Marco Polo trolleys, which are idea for frequent travellers: these are suitcases that, thanks to a clever way of dividing the space inside, allow them to organise items for a five-day trip.”

Schiavo says the group’s core business is still eyewear cases, with €55.2 million (US$58.4 million) in earnings. “Our goal for 2020 is to improve the performance of our small leather goods, travel goods and our luxury division, which is dedicated to packaging for sectors other than eyewear, such as high-end jewellery and watches.”

Fedon has three factories for its cases, in China, Italy and Romania, while there are stores in France, Germany, Hong Kong and the US.

“With our diversification, we found we needed to invest in our own mono-brand stores, as they are useful for supporting the brand,” says Schiavo.

“We now have omni-channel distribution. First and foremost, there is the wholesale channel comprising opticians, stationery stores and leather goods shops. Then there is direct retail, e-commerce and outlets.”

Fedon ended last year with turnover of €71.6 million, a 2.3 per cent increase over 2015.


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