Wal-Mart China opens doors to Sam’s Club

Members of Wal-Mart China subsidiary Sam’s Club can now order some 200 products from Sam’s Club US stores online.
It is Wal-Mart’s latest bid to boost growth in China since selling its online business there to JD.com 11 months ago. The US retailer has a 12 per cent stake in JD.com.
About 200 products from Sam’s Club stores will initially be available for customers in China to order via
JD.com’s website, expanding to 700 before the year’s end, says Wal-Mart spokesperson Rebecca Lui. The company is focussing on personal care, baby supplies and nutritional supplies that are mostly not available in China.
Sam’s Club has sold products on JD.com since October, drawn from the stock in its 15 physical stores in China.

The company is also tweaking its partnership with JD’s delivery service Daojia to guarantee one-hour delivery, down from two hours.
* The products cannot be ordered by Wal-mart China customers as an earlier version of this story incorrectly stated.  


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