Papa John’s pizza looking for Vietnam franchise

The world’s third largest pizza delivery chain – Papa John’s – is looking for franchisees to expand into Vietnam.

The estimated initial investment for a typical delivery/carryout Papa John’s pizza restaurant is US$250,000, depending on the restaurant’s size, location and other factors.

A typical unit is between 120 to 150 sqm, set up under approval of Papa John’s representative.

In order to prioritise local cultures and regional business practices, franchisees and Papa John’s will work together to prepare a menu adapted for the local market, such as adding local toppings or side dishes, for example.

Papa John's pizza

Potential franchisees for Papa John’s pizza outlets should have restaurant operating experience in Vietnam within the last three to seven years.

A six-week training course will be undertaken, most likely at Papa John’s headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky before the first restaurant opens.

The franchise agreement will last an initial 10 years, renewable for another additional 10, provided certain criteria are met.


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