VF Franchise Consulting brings Sureclean to Asia

VF Franchise Consulting has partnered with Sureclean, a franchise specialising in hygiene and disinfection solutions for retailers, hospitality sector and other businesses.

VF Franchise Consulting will assist Sureclean in securing qualified area or master franchisees throughout Asia.

Sureclean has a vision to be a global leader in hygiene and disinfection with a successful network of distributors and franchisees.  

“Hygiene was important 10 years ago, it is important now and it will be even more important 10 years from now,” said Alvin Tan, Sureclean’s CEO.

Tan will join VF Franchise Consulting CEO Sean T Ngo in Hong Kong from December 5 to 8 to meet with investors keen to become part of the fast-growing global hygiene and disinfection market, which is estimated to be worth US$22.5 billion by 2022.

Sureclean provides products and services including anti-germ hygiene products, toiletries, automated disinfection systems, permanent anti-bacterial coating systems, disinfection, decontamination services and hygiene training.

Registrations can be made online for exclusive one-on-one meetings with the CEOs in Hong Kong.  


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