Studio 0321 offer diners blooms in a box

Shenzhen-based Studio 0321 has inserted a rose-tinted box containing a flower shop into the front of a restaurant in Dongguan, giving diners and passers-by an impression of the blooms inside.


Nous restaurant offers both a dining space and florist, and visitors are encouraged to explore the connection between different flowers and food ingredients. The owners tasked Studio 0321 with creating a space that “solves the relationship between flora and dining in a visual, functional and emotional way”, reports DeZeen.

To achieve this, the studio decided to house the florist within a pink translucent box, visually connecting it to the restaurant. At its centre is a long counter where flowers are displayed, creating a partial screen between the street and diners in the restaurant.


“We like this kind of conflict and interference, rather than a mediocre and harmonious coexistence,” says Studio 0321.

Storage is provided by matching pink cabinetry, all echoed by rosy-hued tiles on the restaurant facade.


The restaurant interior is almost entirely in dark grey terrazzo with oversized white aggregate for an “extreme visual experience”. This is complemented by metal tabletops and slate-coloured cushions on the bench seats.

Other than a mirrored panel along a peripheral wall, decoration has been kept to a minimum.

Continuing the palette of the flower shop, a staircase with a pink glass balustrade and terrazzo steps leads to the second floor.


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