City’super spotlights Taiwanese cuisine

Taiwan’s subtropical island climate and diversifying central mountain range are known for producing healthy crops and ingredients, forming the heart of traditional Taiwanese cuisine now available in Hong Kong at City’super.

City’super 1

Its Taiwanese Gourmet Market, running until June 19, features the Hong Kong debut of Good Cho’s bagel. Ranked sixth in Taiwan OpenRice’s Top 100 restaurants last year, Good Cho’s bagels can be found at City’super Times Square atrium’s pop-up until June 3. The bagels combine dough with fillings made from Taiwanese produce such as betel nut taro from Miaoli, tea leaves from Hualien, and scallions from Sanxing Yilan.

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City’super bagel
The raw bagels are fermented for more than eight hours in order to accentuate the wheaty aromas. Finally, they are glazed in a syrup bath.

City’super 5

Other featured products include Xiao Ban Mian’s traditional shallot coil noodle from the south, being springy noodles made by ancient methods, dried in the sun and produced without additives or preservatives.

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Artisan beer

Sambar Brewing is a relatively new artisan beer from Taiwan. Using a Gypsy brewery method, the company produces beer of limited quantity yet high quality.

City’super 4

City’super Solist Vinho

Spicy oils are a speciality of the Hsu brothers. Launched in 2009, Shuang Ren Hsu has followed the traditional method of producing spicy oil with quality produce from Taiwan.

Exclusive to the Taiwanese Gourmet Market is vintage Kavalan. From a humble beginning in Yilan, Kavalan has developed into one of the most prominent whisky brands in Asia.

After its time at Times Square Atrium, the event moves to Times Square, Harbour City, IFC mall, New Town Plaza and Lab Concept stores until June 19.

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