How to sell on Instagram  

Retailers who want to sell on Instagram might be surprised how easy and effective it is – for businesses both big and small.

According to one research study, 75 per cent of Instagram users who follow businesses take some form of action, whether it be visiting a site or making a purchase, after seeing a promotional post.

Of course, to leverage this platform to its full potential, it helps to keep certain points in mind. Just like when advertising on Facebook, you must follow best practices to successfully sell on Instagram. The following tips will help you maximise your profit when you sell on Instagram, by developing marketing campaigns that work.

Treat your Instagram page like your website

The rise of social media platforms has fuelled growth of digital marketplaces, where many customers don’t actually visit a company’s website when they first encounter a brand online. Instead, they view its social media page as a substitute for the site.

So it makes sense to optimise your Instagram account by including a thorough summary of your business and all it offers. You should also select a profile picture that represents your brand. Furthermore, be sure to post any relevant visual content featuring information that your customers might find out about via your website. This may be something simple like information about an upcoming sale or promotion, but it’s still important to promote via Instagram.

Create ads

Instagram, like Facebook, allows users to create business accounts and advertisements.

Once you sign up, the platform will seamlessly guide you through the process of creating and publishing an ad.

Luckily, you don’t need to create unique content for your ad if you’ve already shared a post that highlights the same key information. A major bonus of the platform is that Instagram lets users turn regular posts into ads if they choose. Experiment with different types of ads to determine which are most effective for your business.

You may also want to consider creating an ad using the new Instagram Stories format. This provides a more immersive visual experience, as it takes up a device’s entire screen by playing vertically. Since Instagram users view 60 per cent of stories with the sound on, it also gives you an opportunity to incorporate engaging audio content.

Rae Steinbach

Rae Steinbach

Let users make purchases via the app

Instagram posts can be an effective way to direct users to your online store to make a purchase. That said, one valid concern is that users will get distracted before completing the transaction. It would be easier if they could simply purchase an item directly via the app.

Thanks to features like Shopify’s Shoppable Instagram Galleries, they can. This tool lets you tag items in posts that are for sale, meaning users no longer have to leave the app to make a purchase. Instagram has also begun working on a similar feature for business accounts.

As always, it’s important to ensure your posts look appealing and accurately represent your products. Fortunately, social media marketing makes A/B testing very easy. As you experiment with different strategies, you’ll learn exactly what works best for your future Instagram campaigns.

  • Rae Steinbach is a graduate of Tufts University with a combined International Relations and Chinese degree. After spending time living and working in China, she returned to New York City where she continues to curate quality content. Rae is passionate about travel, food, and writing.


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