UnionPay launches app services to Hong Kong, Macau residents

UnionPay, the unified mobile payment system of the Chinese banking industry, has begun offering app services to customers in Hong Kong and Macau.

The service is facilitating the interconnection of payment systems in the Greater Bay Area to meet the increasing exchanges between Hong Kong/Macau and the Chinese mainland.

Consumers in Hong Kong and Macau can now bind their locally-issued UnionPay cards to the UnionPay app and participate in the mobile payment service both within and outside Hong Kong and Macau.

UnionPay International CEO Cai Jianbo said: “In addition to providing local customers with mobile payment services, this new progress mainly meets two needs: First, the various financial needs brought by the construction of the Greater Bay Area, including payment needs in cross-border transportation, cross-border utility payment and various types of daily consumption scenarios. UnionPay mobile payment complements the traditional bankcard payment, allowing retail payment to bring convenience and benefit to the people. Second, the diverse payment needs of Hong Kong and Macau residents who visit Mainland China. Customers need a mobile payment solution that is cross-border interoperable, secure, and offer various discounts and privileges.”

UnionPay is accepted at almost all ATMs and POS terminals in Hong Kong and Macau, where about 19 million UnionPay cards are issued. It also says it is the only international card brand in Hong Kong that provides mobile payment for debit cardholders.


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