JD Indonesia launches grocery delivery service

Chinese e-commerce giant JD has initiated a grocery delivery service at Commuter Line train stations in the Greater Jakarta area.

The new online retail store, JDVirtual, allows customers to use QR codes to purchase groceries to be delivered to their homes. The store sells food, beverages, and other grocery products found in conventional retail outlets.

The initiative serves to test a new business model while targeting the high number of Commuter Line users in Jakarta, which serves an average of 1 million people per day.

Users of the JD.ID app can purchase products immediately by scanning JDVirtual codes. The whole transaction process is completed within the app.

Zhang Li, JD.ID’s president director said: “The customers are our inspiration in doing business in Indonesia. We believe that with JDVirtual, a borderless shopping concept will provide a real solution for modern retail industry, while also helping to run our mandate to help bring Indonesia forward.”


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